How TV gave us some of our best Comedians

We love to laugh in Britain and we are very lucky to have a slew of really great comedians. One of the best outlets for the Comedian to get noticed is the TV show. Just one quick piece on camera and the future success of the artist has been assured. Here are some examples where a TV appearance has launched a career. For the Comedians to have been seen you have to look at getting a decent reception and the TV Aerial Repair Gloucester based company can be there for that.

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  1. Russell Howard. The Bristol based Comic plied his trade locally and made the jump to London. However it was his regular slot on Mock the Week that gave us an insight into his burgeoning talent. He’s since outgrown the show and has established his own with Russell Howard’s Good news.
  2. Michael Mcintyre. Now a name that fills the O2 and is Mr Saturday Night with his Big Show for the BBC. He was jobbing on the Jongleurs circuit before landing a spot on the Royal Variety Performance. His stellar performance catapulted him to stardom.

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  1. Billy Connolly. The Big Yin was a strange sight and sound on the BBC, as his broad Glaswegian accent was deemed to be impossible to understand. His appearances on the Michael Parkinson show elevated him to a much bigger audience and a series of high profile gigs, and risky routines got him the attention he so richly deserved.
  2. Lenny Henry. Despite having to put up with years of racist “friendly” banter Lenny found fame on the ITV show New Faces. For a black Briton with a strong Birmingham accent to make it in the late 1970’s was unprecedented.

Author: Kei Taylor

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