How to up your website design game

Brands wanting to achieve business success need to target their advertising to the mediums used most regularly by their target audience, and in today’s modern world, this usually means online. There are many companies that specialise in website design Surrey and elsewhere, but there is much that business owners can do themselves to increase the user-friendliness of their website.

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Top tips to self-build a website

1. Plan the site. The site must be built with the intended users in mind. Consider their likely level of technical proficiency and make sure that the navigation is logical. Use meaningful images, and informative blocks of text and apply a consistent colour scheme.

2. Maximise your SEO. Web designers such as know how to tailor a website to improve its search engine rankings so businesses who are self-building to compete must devote themselves to understanding the art of SEO and implement it effectively.

3. Usability is key. Make sure that the site loads quickly and functions as it should on both fixed and mobile devices. It is essential that users are not dissuaded from the brand because of a glitchy website.

4. Continually improve. Peer review competitor websites and seek feedback on yours from trusted advisors. Use the information that you glean to make improvements to your website. It is always worth investing in your website as it is your digital shop window and will form your potential customer’s first impression of your business.

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In conclusion

Some businesses may see the value in paying a professional web design company to manage their online presence but for those wanting to build their own website, these tips will help them to level the playing field and pave the way to online marketing success.

Author: Brielle Walker

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