How to remove polygel nails yourself?

how to remove polygel

If you are learning about this technique, you also want to know how to remove polygel nails. The process requires several steps and you need to do them calmly and carefully. You must bear in mind that, although our natural nails seem very hard and strong, it is very easy to remove their superficial horny layer with a coarse-grained file like the one we will use. We don’t want that. Leave a thin layer of polish and don’t try to remove it completely with the file.

How to remove polygel?

how to remove polygel


You will need a 100/180 coarse-grit file, pure acetone, tweezers (if you decorated them with beads), moisturizing nail oil, an orange stick or nail spatula, absorbent kitchen paper or cotton, paper towels: aluminum and a nail clipper. Read more: Does ultrasonic cavitation work?

Remove the decorations

If you have decorated your nails with beads or any type of ornaments, you must remove them in this step. The best thing is that you help yourself with suitable tweezers for the size of the beads.

Use the lime

You should try to remove the maximum polish with the file, but without removing it completely so as not to damage your natural nail. Electric files that have a safety head are very useful. It is the accessory that has a rounded end. Thus, you avoid cutting yourself when approaching the cuticle.

Cut nails

Now use the nail clipper and remove the excess nail. Even if you are getting another PolyGel manicure in no time, don’t worry if your nails are short.

Use the acetone

In the market, you can find many supplements that help you remove permanent enamel using acetone. We offer you a very effective and cheap remedy.

Cut the paper into strips and fold each one into a square. Dampen the acetone but do not soak it. Place it on the nail and wrap it with aluminum foil. You should let the acetone act for about 30 minutes.

Use the orange stick

The orange stick has always been used in professional manicures. It is usually used to pull the cuticle back. In this case, if you wish, you can use those little spatulas that are available for manicure instead. We also recommend a tool that ends in a triangle, very useful for this step.

Once you remove the aluminum foil and the paper with the acetone, gently scratch and drag the nail polish away, it will go away very easily.

Optional retouching

With a fine file, remove any debris that may remain. Massaging and hydrating are essential to keep your natural nails in excellent condition. In this way, you also prepare them for the next manicure you want to do.

Author: Jeffrey Bowman

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