How to choose the right accessories for your van

Whether you use your van for business such as Boiler repairs Gloucester like or pleasure, you can be certain that there will be some little extras you’d like to add, either to make it more practical for your business saving your time and money on your appointments, add fun to your personal life or simply make it more secure.

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Here we take a look at some of the most popular van accessories on the market that you may want to consider.


According to Sunday Time Driving, there have been huge increases in the number of vans stolen over recent years, so protecting your vehicle has become a number one priority among van owners.

If you use your van for business then security is even more of a concern, particularly if you have to store tools and equipment in the vehicle overnight. But there are a number of modifications you can make to increase the security of your van.

Standard manufacturer installed locks can be upgraded with slide or hasp locks, and if you do need to store your equipment in your van overnight then the addition of strong storage boxes can be useful. Visual security aids such as notices and steering locks are also good deterrents.

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Adding window grilles or films can prevent the opportunist thief being able to simply break the window and steal the contents.

Practicality vs performance

While practical modifications can seem a little boring in comparison to performance improvement modifications, they can, none the less, make life much simpler while prolonging the life of your vehicle.

Van Lining, for example, comes in a number of different guises depending on your requirements and budget and there are some companies who offer the whole range. From ply lining to carpet lining and waterproof liners to spray on liners, there is a van lining option to suit most drivers’ needs.

The addition of racking to sensibly and logically store your tools can make access much quicker and simpler as you work, while a step can help you get yourself and equipment in and out of the van more easily.

If you regularly need to be in your van during the hours of darkness then adding additional lighting may be useful.

So, whatever your van requirements, there are plenty of modification options available to suit everyone’s needs.

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