Hair Around Halos In Women: Causes And Treatment

Hair around halos in women: causes and treatment

About 30% of women know not by hearsay how black hair near nipples and how many complexes can develop because of them look unaesthetic. However, one who faces a problem should not despair, because now there are a lot of ways to get rid of unwanted vegetation! But before you remove the hairs around the halo, you need to figure out why they grow there at all.

The hair condition of the human body is absolutely normal (from a physiological point of view) phenomenon. In men, it manifests itself quite clearly, almost throughout the body, and in women, it is expressed in the form of a soft, relatively colorless gun. The denser black hair on the body of girls can only grow in the genital area, under the arms, and on the legs. But also from the point of view of human nature, they do not promise anything terrible and do not require treatment!

Pathological can only be called hair growth in androgen-dependent areas (on the face, neck and upper part of the body). This area also includes the area around the nipples. In this case, the problem can be characterized by single black hairs 3-5 mm long, framing halos, or by thick vegetation – an indicator of serious problems.

Hair around halos in women: causes and treatment

Why grow hair near the nipples in women?

The reason for minor hair growths can be hormonal changes that take place in the body during puberty, childbearing or menopause. In this case, the problem does not require cardinal treatment – the hair can be regularly removed until it stops growing. And it will happen after stabilization of the hormonal balance (the completion of the above periods and the restoration of the body).

The cause of the problem may be taking hormonal contraceptives. The risk of side effects from them directly depends on the correctness of their use. Steroid drugs used to lose weight or increase the productivity of classes in the gym can also provoke unwanted body hair in women.

A less common cause of hair growth near the halo is considered to be a genetic factor. Women whose family has suffered from similar problems have a high chance of facing hair growth on the chest at any age. In this case, the pathological growths may not depend on the state of health and do not require treatment – they will only have to be removed.

Hair around halos in women: causes and treatment

When do I need to sound the alarm?

Hair that has grown around the halo due to the pathologically high production of male hormones may indicate a danger. A bell warning of the development of serious disorders is excessive thickness and length of hairs. If they grow too intensively, they become visible to the naked eye and cause significant discomfort; one cannot remove it by just removing it.

As a rule, the treatment of excess male hormones consists of long-term drug therapy aimed at restoring balance. Women may be recommended drugs that slow down the production of testosterone and cortisol – the main provocateurs of hair growth around the halo. As a result of this treatment, the production of female sex hormones will be higher (compared to male) and the hairs near the nipples will gradually stop growing.

Hair around halos in women: causes and treatment

The relationship of causes halos halo and their treatment

To get rid of the hairs around the nipples, it is necessary to find out the causes of their occurrence and, first of all, to treat the provoking factor. Otherwise, their removal will not lead to the desired result: due to the neglect of failures inside the body, they will grow even faster and more intense.

The cause of excessive hair growth near halos in women can be:

  • cystic masses of the ovaries;
  • tumors in the mammary glands;
  • kidney disease;
  • ontological diseases;
  • Diabetes;

Of course, no one will undergo a full medical examination because of the black hairs near the halo. To determine the causes of pathological growth, simply listen to your body: not a single disease will not manifest itself only hairs on the chest. Any pathology will be accompanied by characteristic signs peculiar to it.

It is necessary to worry about the hair around the nipples if the following symptoms become noticeable in a woman:

  • change of voice timbre;
  • unreasonable muscle growth;
  • A sharp increase or decrease in breast size;
  • unreasonable loss or weight gain;
  • baldness (male type);
  • acne and inflammatory rashes on the body;
  • violation of the monthly cycle;
  • increased drowsiness or, conversely, insomnia and bouts of tachycardia;
  • stretch marks on the skin;
  • Hair growth not only on the chest but also in the back and face.

Faced with any of the above symptoms, women should, first of all, visit the gynecologist, breast specialist, an endocrinologist. They should be screened for the presence of any formations, as well as tested for determining the level of hormones. When the overall picture becomes clear, you can deal with the treatment of existing pathology, as well as remove vegetation on the body.

Hair around halos in women: causes and treatment

Modern methods of hair removal

Regardless of the reasons for the appearance, there is no need to put up with aesthetic imperfections. After all, the growth of hair on the chest is a phenomenon that is absolutely not inherent in the body of women. And if men may not notice this little flaw (or just pretend), then girls may develop complexes due to excessive growth.

Getting rid of the hair around the halo will help:

  1. Remove under the root. The easiest way to get rid of the drawback is to mechanically remove hair with a razor or scissors. But it is important to understand that the onion during such manipulations is not damaged, but to capture the fluff next to the blade is easier than ever. Therefore, after a couple of days, a more coarse and dense bristle may appear on the chest.
  2. Epilation cream will help to avoid the appearance of black hemp. It will help remove the hair at the root and will not provoke their growth. However, when buying it is important to pay attention to the purpose of the cream – it must be suitable for application to sensitive areas.
  3. To get rid of unwanted hairs around the nipples, you can use an electric epilator, a tool that looks like tweezers but has pointed tips for more accurate exposure. The skin in the area of the halo is characterized by low density and high susceptibility. Therefore, when plucking, it is very important to avoid mechanical damage.
  4. You can remove hairs from the root with wax strips. It is important to put strips in the direction of hair growth and tear off. It is better to hold the skin around the nipples during depilation, otherwise, hematomas may appear on it due to sudden movements.
  5. No less effective, but more expensive method of removal is laser hair removal. To get rid of the hair around the halo, you need 5-7 sessions, depending on the growth rate. You can also get rid of the problem radically using photo epilation or electrolysis – hair removal around the nipples by destroying their bulb.

All manipulations should be carried out only after the permission of the doctor and always in conjunction with the concomitant treatment of the disease that provoked hair growth. With special care to remove should be approached in the presence of inflammation or neoplasms in the chest, problems with the cardiovascular system. It is recommended to consult with a specialist in case of obstruction of the milk ducts.

Hair around halos in women: causes and treatment

Safe ways to remove vegetation around halos in women

In the presence of serious diseases, which are a contraindication to removal, you can get rid of black hairs near the nipples with the help of extremely gentle and harmless manipulations. Their effectiveness, of course, is inferior to radical methods of solving the problem, but if used systematically, they are guaranteed to help reduce the growth rate and density.

It is possible to get rid of the hair near the halo by banal bleaching by applying lightening mixtures used by women when dyeing curls on the head. But the exposure time of the composition on the skin of the breast should be halved since this area is characterized by increased susceptibility.

Hair around halos in women: causes and treatment

You can get rid of hair with compresses. The best way to remove is considered to be tincture of dope, as well as freshly squeezed lemon juice. These substances contribute to the destruction of the bulbs and, consequently, the deterioration of the hairs themselves, their gradual lightening and dying.

Regardless of the method chosen, women should understand that black hairs on their breasts are not a sentence, but only a small defect that can be quickly resolved with the help of a mass of different methods. The main thing is to find the right one, focusing on the state of health and the depth of the problem itself!

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