Damaged Windows: Repair or Replace?

Damaged Windows: Repair or Replace?

January 29, 2019 0 By Kei Taylor

Has our turbulent British weather taken its toll on your windows by subjecting them to years of torrential rain? Do they whistle when the wind blows?

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These days, many homeowners consider replacement as their best option instead of covering up those cracks, as this is often only a temporary fix.

Why Choose Replacement Windows?

Today’s frames can be made with treated wood, UPVC, aluminium, vinyl, or even fibreglass. Recently, there have been substantial advancements in the production techniques of mass-produced windows with vinyl or fibreglass frames, thereby lowering the cost for customers.

Affordable Eco-friendly Windows

Single glazed windows are now considered likely to cause issues in the home like condensation, leaks and heat loss. Double glazing Bristol windows can prevent these issues, and triple glazing can substantially reduce noise pollution. However, the largest benefit is in energy efficiency. Not only will your home retain heat, but you will be reducing your impact on the environment and lowering the cost of your gas bill.

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Many UK homeowners who choose to repair can reduce their environmental footprint by using more eco-friendly elements during the repair process. If you need help right away, there are many companies that can assist you on short notice. A simple search such as ’emergency glaziers Leicester’ should yield some results. For example, if your window requires boarding up, companies such as https://www.nanduglass.co.uk/boarding-up/ should be able to help you.

7 Key Factors

In terms of cost, repair is likely to be the much cheaper option, but how long will the patch-up last? The longevity of your repair work should be factored into this decision. Furthermore, if the damage is significant, minor repairs could prove useless. The following list of factors should help you make the decision:

-Visibly shattered or damaged glass
-Cracked or rotten muntins (cross frames)
-Unmovable upper or lower sashes or broken sash cord weights
-Missing or rotten drip cap or top exterior window shield
-Missing, rotten, split or unattached external casing
-Missing, stiff or fragile putty securing the glass panes to the muntins
-Extreme water permeation

Observation is essential. Inspect your windows and run down the checklist for any damage they may have sustained. If your windows have three or more of these damage factors, it may be a better option for you to replace them.