Contemporary Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

Contemporary Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

One of the current trends in modern design – contemporary, – organically combines restraint, brevity, functionality. Thanks to the use of simple forms, eco-friendly, convenient in the care of artificial materials you can create it even if your budget is limited. From the spectacular classics, country, it is distinguished by the absence of unnecessary details, meticulously thoughtful placement of furniture. The direction is characterized by a neutral, monochrome color palette (white, coffee latte, gray, milky). The combination of contrasting shades and textures is allowed. Designers define it as a universal formula of comfort.

He is attracted by the lack of strictly limited stylistic framework. In practice, this is expressed by the boundless freedom of creativity. Homeowners have the opportunity to create an interior using the most comfortable, understandable details, simple shapes, smooth and clean lines. However, contemporary should not be confused with grunge or eclecticism. This direction has its own unique features that clearly identify it among the many cutting-edge options.

Contemporary Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

Description and features of the direction

Having originated in the interior art relatively recently, contemporary continues to evolve, enriching and constantly growing with fresh images and ideas. The convenient layout is combined in it with concise elements of decoration, forming a harmonious light space. This material will introduce you to the characteristic features of the style, tell you what to follow when designing the interior.

  • Here various variants of transformers, multifunctional furnishings are appropriate, which is connected with the need to create a comfortable environment in a typical city apartment. The development of transformable furniture: folding beds, tables, secretaries, folding sofas just in time coincided with the birth of contemporary.
  • A distinctive feature of Contemporary – high functionality, the possibility of interchangeability of individual elements. Completed in this manner, the layout of the apartment is always easily recognizable: not overloaded with unnecessary objects, rational and easy.
  • The architecture of this style, rather, to the ethnic directions: to the Japanese, Scandinavian with their verified proportions, conciseness, meticulously thought-out planning, straight lines. The interior is built on strict geometry, therefore, rectangles and squares here prefer to oval, sphere, rounded forms.

Contemporary Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

  • All furnishings should comply with the principle of neutrality, harmoniously complementing the super comfortable and functional image. From negligence, luxury will have to give up. If you decide to recreate the features of contemporary in your apartment, give up on cumbersome structures and various textured finishes. Furnishing should not attract excessive attention. It is used only for purely utilitarian purposes.
  • Combined storage systems consisting of a large number of modules are the most important component of the style. They are equipped with a multitude of open compartments, closed shelving On the shelves are placed memorable trinkets, a mini-gallery of photographs, and other family relics, which give the apartment a distinctive look, a purely individual style.
  • In contemporary, there is always a place for experiments with finishing, the combination of natural materials with ultramodern is practiced. Silk plaster, companion wallpaper, acrylic paints can be used as a finishing coating for walls. Stencils, stickers, geometric designs look good on the walls. The walls of the living room are decorated with non-woven wallpaper or plaster.
  • The use of products (finishing, furnishing) of mass production is one of the fundamental principles for the formation of such an interior. Here you rarely find custom made, exclusive products from natural raw materials. Materials, furnishings, decor items are selected in network hypermarkets, in construction markets, ensuring interchangeability, compositional unity of disparate elements. Decorative items can be made by hand, but the basic items bear the features of mass production.

Contemporary Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

Ideas and photos of contemporary style in the interior of rooms

The basis of the style is the usual, most common finishing materials: parquet or laminate for the floor, painted or plastered walls, and suspended / stretch ceilings. In the contemporary surface of the walls are often sheathed with decorative panels. For example, to focus on the fireplace niche or in the area of ​​the TV. Such a finish can imitate the structure of stone, wood, and panels with a mirror effect will do. To make a door, window openings should be extremely simple.

When choosing a home environment, designers recommend giving preference to functional furniture of a concise form. The main thing is that it does not look massive, comfortable and harmoniously fit into the space of the apartment. You can complement the interior with an unusual object, for example, a floor lamp of futuristic design or a chair in the modern style.

Contemporary Style In The Interior Of The Apartment


You should not refuse accessories since They play the role of expressive accent in the interior, but they should be used in a reasonable amount so as not to overload the apartment. Ideally complement the space with several abstract paintings, a poster in an interesting frame, simple vases, fresh flowers.

The apartment, made in the style of contemporary lighting, requires a large number of artificial light sources. Choosing a chandelier, take a look at the lighting fixtures of laconic geometric design. Floor lamps, sconces can have much more original forms. They create a special relaxed atmosphere in the room.

Contemporary Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

This trend is characterized by simplicity of execution, versatility, which makes it possible to implement the most non-trivial design ideas. Contemporary fire does not devastate the family budget, and a reliable and unpretentious situation faithfully and faithfully serve the owners for many years. At the same time, it will not be difficult to give the interior a new mood or transform it: it will be necessary to replace only some of the details. Designers are willing to take on the design of apartments in this peculiar manner because contemporary provides endless possibilities for creating original images.

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