Website Facts That You Most Likely Didn’t Know

  1. It’s still online!

Tim Berners Lee created the first website on 6th August 1991. It is still available and is the oldest website to be created.

  1. Seven Second Attention Span

The attention span of a human is shorter than that of a goldfish. A typical user takes only a split second to form their first impression of a site.

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The user can then decide if it is worth their time and whether the website is of interest.

  1. The perception of colour by users
  • Pink and white is considered pure and sincere
  • Yellows, reds and oranges are energetic and exciting
  • Black is a symbol of strength, professionalism, and credibility.
  • The colour green is associated with life, energy, and renewal.

Different sexes like different colours. Your website about female cosmetics may lose visitors if you use more colours that are male-specific.

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  1. Not just images that attract attention

Images are often misinterpreted or misrepresented, even though they grab the human brain’s attention. The textual content increases the curiosity of users and encourages them to learn more. For Web Design Cheltenham, visit

  1. Banners are ignored

Being blind to banners occurs when website users ignore information or banners that are presented. Studies reveal that 86 percent of consumers are blinded by banners.

  1. Don’t waste time on useless sections

The majority of users are only interested in the top portion of your site and will ignore its lower section. According to a study, the average user spends only 5.59 seconds on a website.

Author: Brielle Walker

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