Measure everything before moving

You must first ensure that the awkward items you intend to move will fit in their new space.

A tape measure is a great tool to have in your moving kit so you can quickly measure the dimensions.

Your old house

You can arrange to have the moving companies visit your home before the moving day. The removal companies have the experience to anticipate problems and can offer solutions you didn’t consider.

Inform your removal company about any awkward or oversized items that may cause issues so they are prepared with the right tools and equipment. Some items may have to be dismantled to fit through a narrow doorway. For Removals Cheltenham, visit

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You will save money and time by allowing the removalist to move your items without having to wait for additional help or return to the store to pick up the necessary tools.

In extreme situations, you may need to remove a window or door frame to get your items out.

It is much better to be aware of this from the beginning than to discover it at the last moment, putting you and the removals firm under enormous pressure.

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Keep clutter free

When moving, make sure that you have a clear path to avoid tripping on other objects.

To make the move as easy as possible, you should try to keep the area where the item will be placed in your new house as clean as possible.

Protect in Transit

To protect your valuables from damage, you can use different materials that will help to guard against accidents while in transit.

You may be able to get heavy-duty packing materials from your removal company if you decide to pack your own belongings. However, you can also pay the removal company to professionally pack all of your items.

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