Instant speculation: when will a Bloodborne 2, on PS4 or PS5?

Bloodborne 2

If I tell you a blood transfusion, viral disease and religion, you tell me? What do you mean a priest who got his tailbone stuck in a soup mixer in a hospital environment? No ! You answer me Bloodborne, this title of From Software which continues to make speak about him thanks to a lore and a gameplay of the most neat! But will we be entitled to a Bloodborne 2 ? And if so, on which medium: PS4 and / or PS5 ?

Bloodborne: a special franchise

Bloodborne is one of those games whose narrative is said to be “environmental”, meaning that it’s up to the player to make sense of the fictional universe (not like Nioh 2, which tries to tell a story without ever really achieve it). No cinematics will come to chew on his work. He will have to open his eyes and ears wide to find out more about what is happening there. This license greatly rewards the player’s investment. And on the gameplay side, well, everything was perfectly thought out.

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Where some saw it as a Dark Souls clone, the discerning player could detect one major difference: its combat system. Indeed, a slight change in the way of approaching the clashes makes the gameplay completely different. While the Dark Souls urge caution, Bloodborne urges us to take the maximum risk. Well yes, given that, in order to recover life when you are hit, it is necessary to rush into the heap, you are in contact all the time! Add to that the presence of firearms to counter enemies. And modular weapons whose handling changes dramatically at the touch of a button. And you get a nervous and complex game as you want.

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Bloodborne 2: no release date on the horizon

It’s been years that we wait for a second opus without seeing the beginning of a Venetian mask … However, Hidetaka Miyazaki has already said on several occasions that the franchise holds a special place in his little heart as a sadistic creator. For now, from what we know from the aptly named insider on the Reset Era forums, the game is currently not even in the bins. Too busy working on Elden Ring, his next rather enigmatic title, and possibly on a remake of Demon Souls (remakes, do you want some, when will the remake of Bubsy 3D, we wonder!), From Software remains completely silent about a sequel to his little protégé. Elden Ring, although quite cryptic, looks quite promising. Not only is Miyazaki working on it with George RR Martin. But the rumor has it that he’s connected to Bloodborne or the Dark Souls series in some way! Whatever happens, the surprise can only be good!

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Unfortunately, the license belonging to Sony is neither for Hidetaka Miyazaki or the From Software studio to decide to start the development of Bloodborne 2, while some think, probably rightly, that a sequel on PS5 could probably boost console sales. It suffices to point out that the game has sold more than 2 million copies to realize the potential of the license … In addition, there is material to further develop this universe, and even to write the third episode! Hopefully, Sony sees the potential!

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