Beautiful Places for Winter Walks in the UK

The UK has many places to enjoy a beautiful scenic walk – rugged coastlines, beautiful forests and scenic moorlands are just a few lovely places that you can enjoy. During the winter months, we may want to spend more time indoors, but getting out and about is not just good for your body it is good for you brain.

As well as this the winter months mean less tourists around, so you can enjoy some of the beauty spots that are often full of people in the summer virtually uninterrupted. So wrap up warm in aran sweaters from Shamrock gift and head out to somewhere wild and beautiful for a wintery walk…

Head to Dorset for an enchanting early morning walk around Corfe Castle. Watch the sun rise over the misty hill and make your way to the coastal path to take in the beautiful bay and the wintery waves.

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On the Welsh/English borders in the Wye valley you will find the beautiful Tintern Abbey. It has stood here since the 12th Century. Stroll across the misty fields, or a bright day – this is a beautiful walk regardless of the weather.

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For fans of Beatrix Potter, the Lake District is a great place for you. Not only is it less crowded in the winter, but you can take the Beatrix Potter walk and see Lake Windermere, Claife Heights as well as her home in the Lake District.

Author: Kei Taylor

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