Beautiful Natural Sights to Look Out for in the Spring

The winter is starting to melt away and the longer days are testament to this, however when getting out and about you will still likely feel a chill in the air and need to wrap up warm in clothing like these men saran sweaters as well as ensuring that you have your trusty umbrella on hand to keep you safe from errant springtime downpours.

Despite the somewhat unpredictable weather, springtime is a wonderful time to get outdoors, as the world starts to wake up and new life is emerging. For foragers, this is a busy time, as wild garlic, a culinary favourite starts to reappear.

If you are a lover of flowers, then feast your eyes on the delicate wood anemones, found in ancient woodland, as well as the beautiful yellow daffodils and the early purple orchids that start to adorn the countryside of the UK in the spring.

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The animals are also starting to wake up, and it is likely that you will notice that the birdsong is now starting to grow louder, as birds compete with each other to attract a mate, and start building their nests, a joyful sound to wake up to in the morning!

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Walk through the woods and look at the trees, as they are also starting to wake up from their winter sleep and the buds are returning symbolising the new life and bringing the greenery to the woodland once again.

Author: Kei Taylor

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