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Transport and logistics is all about moving people, animals, goods and services. We wouldn’t go on holidays, get the post, or get to work every morning without logistics and transportation. Transports and logistics are a huge deal. This vast and diverse industry offers a wide range of career options because it affects everyone and every industry.

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Transport is mainly concerned with the movement of people, while logistics deals with the movement of goods. Transporting things by road, sea or air is not the only thing involved. It also involves demand management, supply, distribution, and procurement. Before anything is transported, decisions must be made regarding the planning. This is where careers such as supply chain management, procurement or freight management are created. To find out more about dealing with a procurement recruitment agency, visit https://talentdrive.co.uk/

‘Things’ need to be stored before transportation can take place. This is where the next layer comes in, with warehouse operators and storage and inventory managers. These jobs are responsible for ensuring that the correct goods are in the right location and available before an export or ship order is made. Inventory management is important because companies do not want to accept an order only to find out later that they don’t have the products in stock.

Transport planning and management is needed to plan and organise the routes for the transport of goods. This includes trade routes, motorways, and railways. You can see that the logistics and transport industry is huge, and it involves many people around the world. It doesn’t end there…

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Transport engineers and technicians are needed to ensure that all these operations run smoothly. Only companies that are able to meet their targets and operate efficiently can remain profitable. After all of these things have been put in place, it is now up to the people on the ground. For example, lorry and train drivers, postal workers, and couriers. They are the ones who transport the goods physically to their destinations. They are the backbone of the industry. These are the friendly faces in transport and logistics.

You can see that there are many different career paths in the colossal global movement industry. It is true that no one dreams of a career in logistics as a child. However, the industry contributes a large portion of a nation’s economic growth. The good news is, positions are under-applied for because of this. If you’re interested in the industry then you can find out more. You might even get a job sooner than you expected.

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