A quick and easy way to save your business money.

Here is a very quick and easy question that I’m pretty sure I know the answer to. Would you like to save your business time and money on its communications budget? Bear with me its probably one of the most commonly asked questions that you get but I’m also pretty sure that the answer is a resounding yes. Well for once I do actually have a solution for you and one that can really produce benefits. That’s quite unusual I know but with what I have to suggest to you then it really can make a difference.

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First off, I’m going to ask you how much do you need the telephone for your business? I’m guessing a lot. It’s impossible to imagine a company that doesn’t rely on its telephone calls or sales information coming in. If you specialise in the calling out to clients and prospects be that in direct sales or Business to business dealings, then you will definitely appreciate what I’m talking about. You will also appreciate the cost of running a business that uses telephones is rather high. If I said to you that all you needed was an internet connection, you’d probably say so how is that going to help. Well there is a way that that simple internet connection can be the saving grace to your company and it can start right now. The answer is to switch to a VOIP phone and an International voip wholesale provider like https://www.idtexpress.com/ can help.

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Alright I know that sounds a little strange as VoIP is makes it sound like some kind of alien or something but in fact it stands for voice over the internet protocol. Whilst that fancy name probably doesn’t give you any real ideas to be going on with, I will explain. You might be aware of the technology behind Skype. You may even have used it or be using it currently for domestic purposes. All that VoIP is, is the same technology but without the picture element. As with Skype it means that you can make phone calls over the internet and not be charged for it like you are with phone companies. That’s amazing isn’t it? You can stop using landlines right now. All you need to have is an internet provider that supplies you with access to the web and you are ready to go. You only have to pay for the internet connection. The systems are controlled by your provider apart from wholesale VoIP termination where the provider looks to get the best deal for you. You only have to worry about keeping up the internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you switch providers either the connection is all that matters for the continued running of the system.

It’s not just the cost savings that sells VoIP. You can use it in ways beyond that of simply calling people and customers. You can link it to email to see what a message is about without having to hear it, you dan delegate jobs to workers via it.  It really is a splendid system indeed.

Author: Kei Taylor

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