Working in a mainstream Primary school with a Special Needs child

There are many proven benefits to a Special Needs Child completing their Primary aged education attending a mainstream school.  They are included alongside able-bodied children of the same age and from three through to ten years old they will receive the same level of teaching and be encouraged to obtain their full possible potential.  They will be supported all the way through this process by a fully qualified One-to-One Teaching Assistant who will have received Challenging behaviour training, Supporting Children with disabilities training and will have attended many other appropriate training sessions. The best training courses are run by professional companies such as because they will comprehensively train the candidate to the highest level possible.

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These elite courses install a new level of confidence in each Candidate and will show them how to use recognised techniques to help and support the child they are working with. Distraction strategies, how to manage their young students’ anxieties and how to successfully help them fully integrate into the mainstream school.  An experienced Teaching Assistant will understand fully the complex issues their student is struggling with and be able to support them so that they can be totally immersed in the full school curriculum.

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Supporting a young child with learning difficulties and challenging behaviours is not an easy position to fill, so a school that encourages its already qualified Teaching Assistants to complete any comprehensive specialist training courses so they can adapt to this new role is a great one.


Author: Kei Taylor

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