Visiting London for the day, then don’t drive your car

A vibrant City full of excitement and culture, London is the Capital City of the United Kingdom and contains a plethora of shops, cafes, restaurants, museums, art galleries, theatres, hotels, parks and places of interest.  If you are planning to visit London for the day and thinking about driving your car, then consider all the Congestion charges you may encounter, they are in place every Monday – Friday from 7am – 6pm and on a weekend from noon – 6pm. The difficulty in finding a reasonable car park, the complicated laws around low emissions as well as the narrow and congested roads may well make you reconsider.

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With so many vehicles driving around the city it’s no wonder accidents occur on a daily basis and when they do sometimes diesel or petrol can get spilt, and then the emergency services must attend. To clean up the potential disaster quickly and efficiently the fire brigade may well make use of specialist Spill Kits provided by a professional company such as hydepark-environmental.

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So don’t drive your car into London, there are several easier options open to you when visiting for the day. Take a train straight into Paddington and then either walk from there or take a tube to wherever you want to go.  Make use of the coaches that travel into London daily or if you really want to take your car then park outside the city and travel by tube.

Author: Kei Taylor

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