The new laws surrounding outdoor weddings

The new laws surrounding outdoor weddings

Couples wishing to wed in England and Wales have always been restricted as to where they can wed. However, all that is set to change as a review of current laws regarding weddings has been announced in the last budget.

Currently, wedding laws and regulations are almost 200 years old and specify that ceremonies must take place in a solid building with a permanent roof. Therefore, any couple wishing to marry on the beach, in a marquee or in their own back garden, cannot do so without having first had a civil or church ceremony.

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The current laws also contain strict regulations stopping weddings taking place in areas where food or drink is served before or after the exchanging of vows. Although we might think we have a large choice over where we get married, the present reality is that we are still very restricted.

It could all be changed in the near future, however, as the government is set to ask the Law Commission to consider a revamp and update to the UK’s present legislation.

Laws surrounding who can marry have relaxed a great deal in recent times but the regulations around location have remained unchanged since 1836. The government believes the review will help to bring marriage laws up to date and to keep pace with modern British life. It is also believed that it will help to keep down the spiralling costs of weddings. The cost of a wedding in the UK has soared recently to its highest ever figure. The average cost is £32,000, while couples in London can expect to foot a bill of more like £41,500.

A wedding could be planned in a much cheaper manner if couples were able to tie the knot in their own garden for example. This would leave more money for a better honeymoon or some amazing photographs, for example. For a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer, visit

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Imagine the stunning photos and memories couples will be able to get when they can exchange vows in a beautiful garden with trickling water and bird song. Or listening to the waves lapping the shore as you tie the knot on the surf of a gorgeous beach. There will be little need to decorate as nature can make the scenery and backdrop, thus saving couple’s even more cash. There are countless locations that could be opened up for wedding ceremonies, offering ideal backdrops for a truly romantic and magical day.


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