The many benefits of having a laminate wood surface, whether on the kitchen floor or countertop

There are many benefits to having a laminate wood finish on different surfaces, countertops or on kitchen and bathroom floors. It gives a non-porous, hygienic, long-lasting finish, perfect for the stresses and strains of a busy household and hectic family lifestyle. Incredibly durable because it’s protected by an extremely tough external layer with a resin coating. Easy to clean, versatile and hardwearing, Laminate Wood Flooring is the perfect solution for most average families, with two point four children, a dog and a cat.

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Laminate floors have been tried and tested and found to be hard wearing, eco-friendly and easier to install, they also give plenty of options when it comes to their embossed or hand scraped finishes.  Almost impossible to spot the difference between a more expensive hardwood finish and a more economical choice. Incredibly durable, laminate flooring can last up to twice as long as a solid wood floor of the same size and shape. Scratch and impact-resistant a laminate floor can also last longer than vinyl or hardwood.

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Allowing the experts and professionals to lay your new flooring is the most cost effective and quickest way to ensure the best results, making your floor virtually resistant to children, dogs, cats and high heels. Being stain, and moisture resistant alongside burn and fade resistant, laminate wood flooring really is the perfect choice for every modern family.

Author: Kei Taylor

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