The Boys Season 3 release date, characters and overview

The Boys Season 3 release date

The Boys season 3 has already been confirmed, something incredible if we consider that the second season of this series has not even been released. Which, on the other hand, has given many reasons to continue, and that is that since its first season, it left us all wanting more of Amazon’s superheroes.

When is The Boys Season 3 release date?

The Boys Season 3 release date

After the success of the first season of this series, it was quickly decided to approve the second season. However, many did not expect to discover that now the third season has also been confirmed, which means that we are going to have The Boys season 3.

As for the release date, it is not yet known when it will be, but there is still time to find out since as we mentioned before, the second season has not yet been released. Although we do have several details about the new installment of the series, to begin with, it is the spectacular clip of the second season that appeared online and that surely will not be the last.

Recall that the premiere of the second season of The Boys is scheduled on Amazon for next September 4. However, only 3 chapters will be uploaded and the rest we will have to see every week. Read more: Junjou romantica season 4 episode 1

What is The Boys about?

If you have not seen The Boys yet, then you should, since this is one of the series of the moment, but what is it about? This series shows us a world where superheroes are real. They are the most famous stars out there. Like all superheroes, these are dedicated to saving people, working for a company that moves millions of dollars.

But a problem occurs and is that because of drugs, one of these superheroes dies. So her boyfriend decides to join a group of people who know the whole truth about the supposed saviors.

In this way, they seek to destroy the most powerful group of all and defeat El Patriota. But this will not be an easy task since this has powers similar to Superman’s, so we can expect an epic battle between these superheroes’ stars of the world. Find out why Movie4k shut down?

The Boys season 3 episodes

If we take into account that there is still a little more than a month left for its premiere, there is a great probability that Amazon will decide to launch one more advance. But that is not the only thing that has been revealed, since we also have the names of the episodes of the second season of The Boys, which are:

The great ride
Proper preparation and planning
Nothing like that in the world
On the hill with the swords of a thousand men
We have to go now
The bloody doors
Butcher, baker, candle maker

What I know?

With this in mind, it only remains to prepare, since every day the premiere of its second season is closed and once it is finished, we are excited about the third season’s premiere.

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