The Best Garments to Keep You Warm in Winter

The best garments to keep you warm in winter are insulated trousers, a woollen sweater and a jacket made of treated fabric that stops wind and rain. Add a pair of insulated gloves and a hat and you’ll be good to go for cold outdoor adventures.

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The warmest trousers are moleskin, corduroy or a similar substantial heavy cotton fabric. They should be lined to help trap air next to the skin and even better if they’re fleece lined. Jeans are not a great choice despite being often cheap and readily available; they don’t insulate well and hold moisture which cools the body. Jogging trousers may be an option though they’re typically loose and tend to have a relatively open weave, letting cold air flow through.

If you need a shirt choose one made from natural fibres (wool or cashmere) or synthetic fibres such as polyester, which wicks moisture away from the skin and dries quickly. If the temperature is really cold go for a thermal layer or long-sleeved merino wool shirt. For a mens aran sweater, visit

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Avoid synthetic fabrics made from acrylic as they’re not as warm or breathable. Blends are a good choice as they take a natural product like wool and team it with man-made materials such as polyester to reduce costs. While a blend will not be as warm or comfortable as a pure wool garment it can still be very effective and dry faster than pure polyester. A blend with a fine merino wool is a great option, being both soft, warm and breathable.


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