Problems faced by wheelchair users

Wheelchair users face unique problems in their daily lives. When adjusting to using a wheelchair, here are some of the issues you might face:

Dirty handsUsers of manual wheelchairs often find themselves stuck with dirty hands from pushing their own chair. This requires users to carry around with them some form of antibacterial hand cleaner to prevent becoming unwell from bacteria on their hands.

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Public transport – Not all buses have built in ramps and if they do, they might not work. Waiting to see if the ramp works during rush hour can be distressing for wheelchair users. Once on the bus, wheelchair users may find all disabled space taken up by prams and strollers!

Mirrors – Able bodied people rarely realise that most mirrors are set at standing height and not sitting height. This can make life awkward for wheelchair users who might struggle with doing their hair and getting dressed, for example.

Misuse of disabled parking – Smaller car parks with limited disabled spaces often have issues with motorists parking in them when they do not display a blue badge. This can be frustrating for wheelchair users who don’t have the space to exit their vehicle. To find out more about WAV Vehicles, contact

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Inaccessible buildings – It is not just a case of needing an entrance ramp as what is inside the building is equally important. Finding accessible lifts out of order, uneven surfaces and steep inclines can all cause considerable issues for wheelchair users.

Author: Kei Taylor

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