Not a man you’d want as your accountant

When we generally think of accountants, we see them as quick people who like to get on with things. It’s not a role that anyone would associate with martial skills or weaponry. However, The Accountant, a 2016 film starring Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick, features all of this. Affleck’s character is a high-functioning autistic individual who is indeed an accountant. However, the accounting that he does is far from on the level.

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Affleck plays Christian Wolff. After his mother leaves the family, his Father decides to train the young Christian and his brother, Braxton, in the ways of Kung Fu and Karate. Also, rather than get the young Christian to avoid triggers for his autism, the Father encourages him to do more of them.

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As an adult, this rather strange attitude has rubbed off on Christian, and he is operating an accountancy firm that would soon fall foul of an AML IDENTITY CHECK, like those from He launders money for high-profile criminal clients and is rewarded for the work with money or artwork.

He gets away with this by giving tip-offs to the Treasury agents from time to time. However, when he is asked to investigate Living Robotics, with the help of Kendricks’s character, he soon gets a change of heart and begins to discover some unpleasant secrets about the firm that put him, and her, in danger.

Author: Kei Taylor

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