How to stay active this spring

As soon as the weather gets better, outdoor activities become more and more popular. And with this phenomenon, staying active gets a little easier. But how can we take it to the next level and ensure that this spring we do everything we can to have a more active lifestyle and be healthy? Well, we are here to give you some suggestions. In this article we put together three ways to stay active without stressing too much about it. You will see that our suggestions are going for a fun approach on sport and anyone can try this out. Find your favorite sporty outfit and read along to find out how you can spend your next weekend.

Activity trackers

During our daily activities, we might be more active than we think. All those steps to the office and back can add up and you can find out you’re burning more calories than you thought. A great way to know where you’re at before starting to implement changes to your active lifestyle is to get a tracking app. These apps work on your phone or smartwatch and they measure your steps, the amount of calories you burn and your speed when it comes to running. Most phones have a health tracker already and that one is also good if you only want to monitor your steps, but for more advanced activities, go for a running app. The most popular one at the moment is Strava and it has great features for runs, hikes and bike rides as well.

Group hikes

Now we’re getting into the activities that you can organize this spring. The perfect way to stay active while having fun and also enjoying the lovely weather is to go on a hike with your group of friends. Find the closest hiking trail, get your comfy shoes and your friends and we guarantee you’ll have a great time. Make sure you choose a trail that is not too difficult and that you pack the essentials. You also want to be dressed accordingly, so we suggest getting some activewear and a woolen sweater or cardigan on top, as the weather is colder on the mountains. You can look through some options here  . The reason why we are suggesting wool is because of its temperature regulating properties. That will ensure that you are warm, but comfortable.

Swap public transportation

For the last suggestion we decided to go with something that you can implement daily, so that you’re not only active once a month. Swapping out public transportation for walks or bike rides is the best way to make sure you stay active during spring. It doesn’t require much extra time, the spring weather is perfect and you also get a chance to see your city in a different way. This would also help with the environment, if you need more things to convince you. We think that ditching public transportation during the warmer months is the perfect idea for anyone who wants to have a healthy lifestyle without putting too much effort into it. And if you track these walks with that app we were telling you about, and combining it with a hike every couple of months, you’re in for a healthy and active life.

Author: Kei Taylor

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