How To Get Rid Of Shopaholism?

How To Get Rid Of Shopaholism?

He is prestigious and glamorous. He creates an aura of well-being around a person, an appearance of success, but it is not known to others that it is only a facade, behind which inner emptiness and self-doubt are often hidden, sleepless nights and serious debts are hidden. The habits of making unnecessary purchases – shopaholism – psychologists are now attributed to addictions.

An overwhelming passion for the acquisition of goods – oniomania (oniomania) – has enslaved many today. And prone to shopaholism, by the way, not only ladies. This dependence is familiar to representatives of both sexes of different ages. Psychotherapists characterize it as an obsessive desire to acquire in uncontrolled quantities, in which a person loses control of himself and does not think about the need for acquisitions or the consequences.

How To Get Rid Of Shopaholism?

Shopping like a drug. How to get rid of a bad habit?

The “discoverer” of this disease is an eminent German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin (Emil Kraepelin), who described the obsessive addiction as far back as 1915. He noted that it is akin to other types of addiction. For example, individuals suffering from shopmania experience about the same emotions, feelings as people addicted to gambling (ludomans), drug addicts, and alcoholics. At first, the habit of shopping just gives a person pleasure, gives a sense of power over the environment, superiority. At the next stage, it is transformed into an obsessive idea, which is accompanied by satisfaction in the process of shopping and deep repentance after. To understand that a bad habit has already developed into a disease, certain “symptoms” characteristic of shopaholism will help:

  • Depression (up to discomforts) due to the inability to visit a shop and instant emotional lift at the entrance to the store;
  • Visits to trade establishments without the intention to purchase something concrete, but only with the aim of simply spending time;
  • The irresistible desire to become the owner of the thing without a clear understanding of how this purchase will later be used;
  • Anger, emotional decline after the acquisition, turned out to be unnecessary or too expensive.

How To Get Rid Of Shopaholism?

The result of compulsive shopping is the difficulty with close, illegal actions, financial difficulties, and even fatigue. Subsequently, mental disorders are possible. Appears aggression, the neurosis of fear, persistent sleep disturbances, depression. How to get rid of shopaholism? How to overcome the disease? To effectively deal with this addiction, you need to understand the origins of the problem.

Background depending on the waste of money

Among the reasons that cause a passion for shopping, one of the main scientists consider the substitution of values. In families where the cult of money prevails, shopaholism develops in the younger generation especially often. People who grew up in such conditions do not understand that one can get pleasure not only by arranging a consumer holiday, that there are other ways. For example, non-material joys: communication with nature, love, friendship, creativity, active rest and sport. That is why psychologists advise parents to spend on children not only money but also spare no time for them.

How To Get Rid Of Shopaholism?

Another reason, according to physiologists, is serotonin deficiency in the blood. Nowadays, university experts in Stanford (USA) are engaged in the development of an innovative anti-depressant – a drug that increases serotonin levels in the blood, not allowing nasty predilections to be spent on the wind. It is worth knowing that the lack of one of the main neurotransmitters in the body is a result of failures in life (personal), self-doubt. In the fair sex, shopaholism arises from internal emptiness, due to lack of attention, loneliness.

What to do to get rid of shopaholism addiction?

The fight against shopaholism (as with any other addiction) should begin with an awareness of the problem. Of course, shopaholism is a disease. It is dangerous and must be fought with, it can and should be treated. And if you wish, the habit of compulsive shopping can be eliminated. To exclude him from your life, try to follow the simple recommendations of psychotherapists, which will allow you to learn how to control yourself.

How To Get Rid Of Shopaholism?

  1. If you have any difficulties, you are upset, offended or dissatisfied with something, do not console yourself with new acquisitions, but try to solve a specific problem that deprives you of peace.
  2. One of the methods of treatment – a critical attitude to advertising and intrusive sellers.
  3. Remember: there is no shame in admitting that you cannot afford anything. This is absolutely normal and serves as an additional growth stimulus.
  4. Going to the supermarket, make a list of what you plan to spend money on. Only then go to the store.
  5. Retain the right to change your mind or completely abandon the acquisition.
  6. Allocate a fixed amount that you allow yourself to spend. Reduce it gradually.
  7. Do not hesitate to contact your specialist with your difficulties if you cannot get rid of them yourself.
  8. Scientists from Britain found that reckless spending in women triggers hormonal disruptions. Therefore, ladies who want to get rid of oniomania, they are advised to refrain from visiting shopping establishments 10 days before the onset of critical days.

How To Get Rid Of Shopaholism?

Despite all the difficulties, it is unwise to completely abandon consumption. Also stupid and dependent on him. Shopping, goods cannot be the goal. They are only a means to achieve it. Do not allow shopping to dominate you, because they are only assistants, allowing you to realize your dreams. Only, in this case, a person can feel truly free, independent, and happy!

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