Foods that can lead to excess earwax

Do you suffer from excess earwax? It might come as a surprise to know that some foods can trigger the body’s production of earwax. Whilst cerumen (the substance that makes earwax) is a healthy bodily function that enables the smooth functioning of the ear, too much can cause problems and blockages.

An increase in earwax production can be caused by an unbalanced diet. By choosing a varied diet full of nutrients, you can improve your overall health and lower the chance of excessive earwax production. For Ear wax removal Birmingham, go to

Dairy – Excessive dairy consumption, such as milk, cheese and eggs can potentially lead to an increase in earwax production. The lactose contained in dairy products is responsible for this and it can have a greater impact on people who are lactose intolerant.

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Gluten – Foods that contain gluten include wheat, rice and corn. Those who have a sensitivity to gluten can trigger a build up of earwax if they consume foods containing gluten. Gluten-free food and gluten that’s been well-processed are better options.

Caffeine – Any drinks and food containing caffeine can have an effect on earwax impaction. For those who drink a lot of coffee, having your ears checked by a specialist is a good idea.

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Are there foods that help?

Thankfully, there are also dietary choices we can make that will help our ears. Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids are good for ear health. Sardines, salmon and similar types of fish should form a regular part of our diets as they are also beneficial in many other ways too.

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