Folklore Style Of Clothing In The Women’s Wardrobe

Folklore Style Of Clothing In The Women’s Wardrobe

April 20, 2019 0 By Roger Walker

Bright folklore clothing is what a stylish and self-confident girl needs. Ethnic style legislators are hippies, who introduced the characteristic features of national costumes of different nations of the world. In the folklore outfit, you will find everything that is needed to demonstrate your personality: rich colors, unbelievable combinations of materials, authentic accessories. We will talk about how to combine, choose and wear folklore clothes!

Folklore Style Of Clothing In The Women’s Wardrobe

The decor and the main techniques used when creating clothes folk

Folklore clothing can be accurately calculated among thousands of outfits because it has a number of distinctive characteristics:

  • a variety of models and sophisticated fit;
  • ethnic drawings and ornaments, the latter almost always have a strict geometric shape;
  • the presence of embroidery threads and beads;
  • the use of beads for decoration;
  • ribbons, ornaments, fabric inserts;
  • unusual sleeves and cuffs.

Also, when creating this type of clothing used patchwork technique. In this case, fabric patches are stitched together, differing in different shades, texture, and even decor. The result is a rather shocking outfit, which can be both free and slim.

Folklore Style Of Clothing In The Women’s Wardrobe

Interesting to know!  The recognition of folk clothing received in the late 70s of the last century after the world saw the collection of Yves Saint Laurent. With its creation, African motifs were used, outfits became a real sensation in the fashion world.

Main features

The main features of this style include:

  • the use of natural materials;
  • in folk clothing dominated trapezoidal and straight cut;
  • use of handmade elements: embroidery, lace, and others;
  • The convenience of each item of attire. Even in modern folk style, extremely short dresses and skirts, high heels are not used;
  • The presence of a large number of accessories and elements of attire, making the image complete. We are talking about massive bracelets, scarves, ponchos, etc.

Folklore Style Of Clothing In The Women's Wardrobe

Forming attire, it is not recommended to mix elements of Slavic, Scandinavian and other ethnic styles. The fact is that the Slavs mainly use jewelry created from ribbons, beads, threads, metals, and, for example, Scandinavians use wooden items. Mixing styles do not always look good, so be sure to clarify these features.

Materials and styles

When creating outfits, only natural materials are used, because synthetics can have a negative impact on both aesthetic appeal and authentic clothing. The type of material depends on the region, consider the most popular:

  • Slavic ethnic style – cotton, linen fabrics;
  • Oriental style – a combination of silk and jacquard;
  • African – leather, flax, fur;
  • Scandinavian folk clothing is dominated by wool, as well as natural fur. It is permissible to use elements of a dress made from cotton, as well as flax;
  • Greek – flowing fabrics, such as chiffon.

Consider each of them in more detail.

Folklore Style Of Clothing In The Women’s Wardrobe

Slavic folk clothing

For a long time, the Slavs chose natural fur and leather for the production of things, using them to create outerwear and footwear. Things for women that we can see in modern fashion collections are decorated with embroidery. The main modern elements are a shirt or dress with beaded embroidery, a bright belt tied at the waist, as well as long wide and narrow skirts, sundresses extending from the chest line.

Temporal rings, ribbons, wreaths, beads, and earrings made from natural stones and threads are used as accessories. The image can be complemented with a scarf decorated with ethnic patterns, boots made of Morocco, as well as shoes with beaded decor. Fur coats that can be worn open, bright scarves, leather boots of different heights, and dresses with high waists, decorated with patterns or embroidery are all essential attributes of Slavic motifs. The image can be supplemented with a smooth hairstyle: braids, horsetail, and bun.

Folklore Style Of Clothing In The Women’s Wardrobe

Oriental style – the best images with photos

Folk clothing in oriental style emphasizes femininity, allowing you to look elegant ladies who have any build. The East is a collective concept by which India, Japan, China, and other countries are meant. Therefore, eastern fashion folk is divided into several groups:

  • Indian The traditional clothing of Indian women is a sari, which is made from flax, silk and other light, strong and bright materials. In Indian clothing, embroidery is dominated by gold, silver threads. It is important to have a large number of massive accessories: bracelets, beads. Also popular are pants for women with motni, spacious shirts. The base colors are mustard, emerald, scarlet, fuchsia.
  • Asian Outfits have a straight cut, complemented by side cuts, fabrics with drawings are used: birds, floral ornaments, flowers. Oriental style implies the absence of accessories; it is replaced by large buttonholes, strict geometric shapes, and elegant cut. These features combine the Chinese and Japanese styles, the latter presents a large selection of accessories made from wood, shells, and precious stones.

Folklore Style Of Clothing In The Women’s Wardrobe

In oriental folk wear, women’s high-heeled shoes are practically not used. It is replaced by clogs, Geta sandals, zori, and other models, depending on the region. Europeans, adapting the style to suit them, use open high-heeled sandals and ballet flats or sandals in fashion collections.

Folklore Style Of Clothing In The Women’s Wardrobe

The main things used in Oriental costumes are themed shirts, sarees, tailored dresses for Europeans and Slavs. Also used costumes that combine tunics with narrow or wide trousers, afghani and T-shirts, T-shirts.

Folklore Style Of Clothing In The Women’s Wardrobe

African folk clothes

African themes adore designers because the variety of traditional clothing is simply amazing. In such dresses flax, cotton, leather, and fur, as well as wood, natural stone, bone and tusk goods are used.

Folklore Style Of Clothing In The Women’s Wardrobe

There are practically no pastel colors in African folk clothes. Fabrics covered with geometric patterns, asymmetrical patterns. They are painted in red, orange, brown and other bright colors. Forming such a look, you can choose the following combinations:

  • a short top and a long layered skirt;
  • short and long sundresses (in the hot season with an open back);
  • narrow dresses with a thematic ornament and turban, created from a scarf;
  • Shorts, pants in combination with short jackets, loose tunics.

The choice of shoes is huge – from Roman sandals to pumps. Pay attention to the fact that in this style the mood is set not only by things but also by accessories: headscarves, turbans, ornaments with stone, feathers, leather inserts. They will reveal look decorations for the production of which were used fur, animal tusks, metal.

Folklore Style Of Clothing In The Women’s Wardrobe

Scandinavian motifs

Practicality dominates here! All Scandinavian clothing is warm enough, due to the climatic characteristics of the region. The color palette is calm, it contains the following shades:

  • gray, white;
  • red-brown – from chocolate to burgundy;
  • Tint blue, green, orange, and mustard.

Folklore Style Of Clothing In The Women’s Wardrobe

Complement the folklore clothes with soft boots made of suede or leather. It is recommended to use a large number of knitted elements, leggings decorated with ethnic ornaments, as well as wooden and silver accessories. The images are multi-layered, so you can safely combine tunics and elongated shirts with fur, knitted vests, and jackets, decorated with fur, handmade ornaments.

Greek image

To create a gentle look, it is worth choosing Greek motifs, wearing asymmetrical dresses, made of chiffon, silk and other flowing materials. You can also wear an elongated tunic with a thin or wide belt, and the hair collected in a high hairstyle. A good combination – top and skirt to the floor, used to create airy images.

Folklore Style Of Clothing In The Women’s Wardrobe

The main feature of the Greek folklore clothing – high waist, open shoulders, cut in the form of semi-oval or V-shaped. Shoes – open heeled shoes or sandals that provide comfort, making look more authentic.

Folklore Style Of Clothing In The Women’s Wardrobe

Summing up

There are many variations of folk clothing; choosing the right one is not an easy task. You can not combine a traditional dress with Greek sandals, and a Scandinavian fur vest with Afghani. Therefore, finally, we will give some more tips that will help you to “collect” a decent image:

  • Choose a specific country or region, and then look at photos of folk clothing worn by local residents.
  • Examine the pictures taken during fashion shows and photo shoots. Excellent folklore collections have Dolce & Gabbana, John Galliano, Roberto Cavalli;
  • Select the items you would like to include in your image.
  • Get everything you need, at the very end, go in search of accessories. Here, rely on your taste, because if the clothes are saturated with decor and a belt, then you should refuse massive jewelry.

All elements of your image should overlap and complement each other. You will be able to put on folk clothes in preparation for a walk, a romantic date or an important business meeting!