Five ways spiral ducts can benefit your office

Exposed spiral metal HVAC ductwork has become all the rage. Whether in the latest artisan café or your own loft-inspired apartment, exposed spiral ducts are everywhere. The look might be contemporary, but is it a trend that is supported by any practical considerations or is this merely style over substance?

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Let’s check out some of the reasons you should actually be thinking about installing spiral ductwork for your HVAC system.

Installation costs

The overall installation of spiral duct, which includes not only the labour and parts but the packaging, transportation and waste disposal, can cost half as much as regular rectangular ducts. They are also much easier to install and less complicated to maintain, meaning that cleaning methods are more effective and economical.

Less noise

The way in which rectangular ducts are designed – with edges, turning vanes and dampers – results in obstructed airflow. These obstructions then lead to noisy turbulence, which can be annoying in an office or home setting. Spiral ducts have fewer edges and are also less noisy, as described by In addition, the noise breakout caused by the pressure differential that exists in rectangular ductwork is not present in spiral ducts, so there is less reverberation and less noise as a result.

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Air leakages

Air leakages are a less common occurrence with spiral ducts thanks to the fact that they are self-sealing. Rectangular ducts have joints that can lead to energy loss and impair the efficiency of the system. When leakages are reduced, this means that the cost of filtering, cooling, heating and distributing the air is also kept to a minimum – and this is reflected in your utility bills.

Less space needed

With rectangular air ducts you need extra space – up to 3 inches in total – for the reinforcements and connections that are required at every joint. This is something that is not required with a spiral duct like those found at, making installation is easier and more straightforward.

They look better

Ultimately, spiral ducts simply look better than their rectangular counterparts. Rectangular ducts are ugly and bulky, and they take up more room. Spiral ducts, on the other hand, are pleasant to look at and can provide a focal point for any room or office.

Author: Kei Taylor

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