Ensuring Safety on a Film Set

Ensuring safety on a film set is a responsibility for everyone involved. It starts with the producer who should consider health & safety issues from the moment they pick up the script and continues through to the production manager, first assistant director and crew members themselves who have a duty of care for the rest of the team. For a safe space on location for crew, consider the benefits of Marquee TV Hire from Good Intents, a supplier of Marquee TV Hire.

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There are always dangers present on a film set, but there are many things you can do to minimize them. Make sure the location you are using has safe escape routes (in case of a fire for example). Tech scout locations to locate any potential hazards and power sources as well as to establish the best way to get around the site. Separate electrical cords where possible so they don’t all snake across the floor, this will lower the risk of a tripping accident. Use gaffa tape to mark cable paths and keep them secure. If a crew member needs to walk over cables, ask them to be careful and take extra time to ensure the wires are covered or taped down properly.

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Filming is a high pressure environment and when people are rushed to finish, it can be easy for hazards to be overlooked or risks to be taken. Be clear on your expectations for the day’s filming with a comprehensive and up to date call sheet and remind crew of key safety rules at daily meetings. Also, ensure you have adequate insurance cover for any public liability claims, which is a minimum requirement for all shoots in locations where the public are expected to be on set.

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