Design Of Platbands On Windows In The Wooden House

Design Of Platbands On Windows In The Wooden House

The platbands on the windows in a wooden house is one of the traditional elements of Russian architecture, so closely related to the look of old village houses that it is often perceived as an ancient monument and an integral part of our culture. Meanwhile, it was customary to decorate windows with trim not only in Russia but also in Germany, Finland, and other Scandinavian countries, as in the example in the photo below. This tradition lives to this day, and only it depends on the owner of the house or cottage which particular decor option he will choose for his possessions.

Design Of Platbands On Windows In The Wooden House

Why do we need a trim?

Beautiful old and modern frames serve both aesthetic and practical functions. They are installed, as a rule, platbands on the windows in private wooden houses, including timber buildings, log cabins and even facades lined with plastic siding. Since ancient times, the platbands served to decorate the house. This function remains behind the window decor and now. In addition to the beauty and originality, which carved or solid ornament gives the building, the trim panels can visually change the size and design of windows, making them bigger, brighter, giving a Gothic or arched shape. Using a window frame with a similar design and color, you can link several buildings into a harmonious composition, or, on the contrary, emphasize their individuality with different carvings and shades.

Design Of Platbands On Windows In The Wooden House

Practical functions of window platbands in wooden houses:

  • close the gaps and gaps between the window frames and walls;
  • prevent heat loss, improve sound insulation;
  • protect from frost, precipitation, dust, moisture, wind;
  • Strengthen the design of windows.

The fastening function is especially important for wooden buildings, because over time, the houses of logs and lumber shrink, the tree undergoes deformation. The installation of platbands suspends the process of deformation, prevents distortions, minimizes the existing gaps between the walls and windows, individual wooden elements.

The main types of platbands on the windows in a wooden house

All existing window frames can be classified according to several criteria: according to the type of design, according to the method of fastening (mounting) and according to the type of material from which they are made. In addition, figured products are also distinguished by the method of applying a thread. So, there are three main ways of applying carved patterns:

  1. Through patterns are created using a saw and jigsaw. Ornaments are cut through the tree through, resulting in stunningly beautiful, openwork, lace-like edging of window openings.
  2. Relief patterns are cut using chisels of various shapes. In this case, the drawing itself looks convex, three-dimensional due to the different depth of the background and the ornament.
  3. Flat-bottomed patterns are hollowed out and cut in wood by semicircular chisels, chisels, and a knife. The drawing is drowned, recessed, emphasized by a beautiful play of light and shadow.

Design Of Platbands On Windows In The Wooden House


According to the method of registration, the platbands are divided into three types:

  • slotted;
  • invoices;
  • are simple.

Wrought products are an excellent decoration of wooden houses, forming an elegant edging of window openings, as in the photo below. Patterns can be any, from old folk motifs to fantastic ornaments. The picture is cut or sawed; it can be through, flat, and embossed.

Overhead panels are mounted on top of frames or superimposed on a special plate. They can be patterned and openwork, they are made in any technique, they can be used for decoration of the installed platbands as a “second layer”. Particularly interesting are the patterned overlays, which differ in color from window frames, so the picture looks even more voluminous and expressive.

Simple models do not have patterns, they can be rectangular or of a different shape (most often they follow the contour of windows), rounded corners. Suitable for houses with concise design, cottages in the style of fakhverk, buildings in a modern style, well combined with plastic siding. Simple platbands of contrasting color will give the house a bar or log, a building trimmed with a plank.

Design Of Platbands On Windows In The Wooden House

Mounting methods

According to the method of attachment, the following types of trim are distinguished:

  • invoices;
  • telescopic;

Overhead panels are mounted in the traditional way on top of the gaps between the window frame and the wall. Telescopic models are convenient and reliable, are installed directly into the gaps and do not require the use of nails or screws. The only drawback is that they must be installed before installing windows, that is, at one of the construction stages.

Design Of Platbands On Windows In The Wooden House

Material for the manufacture of platbands

Modern window frames in a private house are made from:

  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • MDF.

Natural wood is an ideal choice for a wooden house. Such decor organically looks on log cabins and country cottages from glued timber. Often wooden frames are made of the same wood species like the house itself. If we are talking about carved ornaments and complex patterns, choose a supple, soft rock: aspen, linden, alder. Such wood gives in well to processing, cutting. Pine and birch are more durable and weather resistant, but it is more difficult to handle them. Oak and beech platbands are considered the most durable and durable, and the creation of figured products from such species requires special equipment. For creating decorative elements, light openwork tops, strapping, rosettes and other miniature carved details in the Russian style, use wood of fruit trees (cherries, cherries).

Design Of Platbands On Windows In The Wooden House

Wood is a rather capricious material, despite all its advantages, and needs additional processing. Special varnishes, compositions, and paints will protect wooden platbands from weather factors, prevent their cracking, warping, deformation. In addition, every few years wooden parts need to be re-varnished, painted and waxed.

Plastic frames do not require so much trouble, they are unpretentious in operation, durable, do not crack from the cold, do not rot, do not fade in the sun. Modern models are produced in a wide assortment, of any color and form, indistinguishable from natural wooden products, including with “antique” openwork patterns. They are combined with plastic windows in wooden houses and plastic siding.

Design Of Platbands On Windows In The Wooden House

Platbands from MDF have all the advantages of natural wood but are more durable and reliable. The minus of such products is in low strength and susceptibility to the negative influence of weather conditions. That is why the trim from MDF in wooden houses often installed on the inside of the windows.

Performance style

When choosing the shape and design of the trim we should start from the general style of the building. Ideally, you should entrust this task to the designer or architect who designed the housing project, however, if you have a sense of taste, you yourself can choose a beautiful ornament on the windows for your house or villa, based on photos from our selection and other sources.

Platbands with arched top will give a wooden facade sophistication and elegance, make the windows visually higher. This form of windows is typical for Gothic and neo-Gothic buildings, towers, boyar, and merchant houses, as in the photo below.

Design Of Platbands On Windows In The Wooden House

Platbands with a flat cornice will decorate the strict modern and classic country houses, give the facade conciseness and geometrical. This form of decorative frame windows is suitable for buildings in the German, Scandinavian, Russian style, in the spirit of the Swiss chalet half-timbered cottages.

Design Of Platbands On Windows In The Wooden House

Patterned products are used for the decoration of wooden houses from timber in the Russian style, they look great against the background of log walls and siding, giving the building an elegant and fabulous look. When choosing a pattern, you should give preference to one type of ornament: geometric or plant. All frames should be made on the same template. It is important to keep the correct geometry and proportions, the trim should not be too narrow or too wide, so as not to get lost in the background of the facade.

Design Of Platbands On Windows In The Wooden House

Products with hinged elements, shutters, overhangs, sockets, cartouches, volutes, and other details look organically on small single-story buildings made of lumber and logs lined with boards. If you make a double-slope roof and a horse in the same style, the result will resemble a fabulous Russian hut.

Color combinations and exterior matching

One of the easiest ways to decorate the trim is to have a contrasting white color. On any background, such a decoration will look festive, like an elegant collar on a dress.

Design Of Platbands On Windows In The Wooden House

If you carved out to emphasize the natural beauty of the material and leave the wooden house unpainted, then the platbands on the windows can only be tinted slightly by treating with matting protective wax or varnish. For houses in a modern style, a slight contrast of shades of walls and platbands will suit: for example, the facade can be painted in beige or brown tone, and the platbands of a laconic form – in dark chocolate. For houses in the half-timbered style are suitable simple dark platbands, brightly stand out against the background of a bright whitewashed facade.

In classic wooden houses, the frames are usually made several tones darker or lighter than the walls. At the same time, it is necessary to observe the conformity of the color of the decorative design of the windows with the range of the roof, porch, entrance group. Study photos of wooden houses with platbands on the windows in different styles and colors get inspired and invent your own design!

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