Three Common Reasons Why Neighbours Fall Out

Most of us live next door to other people, and unless you live out in the middle of nowhere, you will likely have next door neighbours. When neighbours don’t get on, it can be hard to live next door, and can cause a lot of stress. Here are some of the most common reasons for neighbours falling out….

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Trees are a beautiful thing to have in the garden, but they are also a major source of arguments between neighbours. It could be the roots that are causing damage to the property next door, it could be issues with the branches at the top of the tree.

Trees can cause a range of issues between neighbours because people often feel quite strongly about them, and this can cause a dispute to escalate, especially if people take matters into their own hands.

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Fencing is another thing that can cause many problems with neighbourly relationships. The ownership of a fence or a fence that has been damaged and needs to be replaced can often cause a lot of arguing. If you need to make repairs to a fence, the best thing to do before you get someone like this fencing Leicester based company to come and do it is to check the property deeds and find out who is responsible for the fence.

Planning and Building Work – Understandably, it can be a pain to live next door to building work that is going on. However, it is something that does go on, and if you are planning to do any building work, it is wise to let your neighbours know about it and have a chat with them about how you can minimise the disruption that it could cause.

Author: Brielle Walker

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