Berserk season 3 possible return?

Berserk season 3

The wait has been worth it, the long-awaited return of the Black Swordsman could be closer than we think and will have a new facelift. Let’s take a look to see what the future holds for Berserk.

Berserk is one of the most legendary manga and anime franchises of all time. Born in 1989 in the manga by Kentaro Miura , this particular story has had several stumbles throughout its existence as far as animation is concerned.

1997: You have to start with something

His first animation in 1997 covered what within the manga would be known as The Golden Age, which would cover the youthful days of our protagonist Guts and explains how everyone turned upside down.

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The true golden age

Between the years of 2012 and 2013, we were blessed with what (so far) are the best adaptations the manga has ever had. These 3 films manage to cover the events that occurred in the 1997 animated series, managing to expand the context of the story a little more to fill in holes in the plot that could not be addressed in the first animation.

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The dark ages

In 2016 and 2017 we were able to finally have the long-awaited continuation of this story. However, this animation, unlike its predecessors, left us with a bittersweet taste due to its particular style of animation created, for the most part, by CGI, which was annoying to look at.

However, although we all believed that the animation would not have a continuation, very strong rumors about the end of the second season of the 2017 anime suggest that we will have it back very soon. Thanks to these two animations, Kentaro Miura’s original work became more popular, attracting more readers and consumers of the original work that will clearly help continue to finance the filming of today’s animation. Keep reading how to tame foxes in minecraft.

What can we expect?

The details are very scarce at the moment, we know that to have a third season we need the official manga to advance its story and leave its hiatus time indefinite. With this information, it is speculated that a new volume of the manga will come out in the middle of the year 2021 and therefore, a third official season would begin to be taken into account.

Also, it is well known that his animation style would have a new facelift, giving the animation a more traditional touch and moving away from the terrible work we had in 2016 and 2017.

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