Batman gives Software development lessons

Most software developers probably expected to learn all sorts of things through solid, practical experience in their industry when they started out. They probably didn’t expect to learn software lessons from one of the big fictional DC Comics superheroes and his failure to take advantage of software testing services.  If Batman can fall short with his software it shows everyone needs a little help here and there which is why robin came along.  If you need help with all stages of marketing, logo’s or even graphic design contact a Branding Agency

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The world’s greatest detective has recently found himself embroiled in the case of Batman: Arkham Knight. The concluding instalment in the widely-acclaimed Arkham trilogy should have been one of the year’s biggest releases; instead, it has become something of a debacle, at least as far as the PC version goes. There are some very good lessons to be learnt from this series of events.

The situation

Batman: Arkham Knight was released across the world in June and in many ways it lived up to expectations. With fantastic gameplay, great graphics and an engaging plot, it had it all; however, the PC version failed to set critics ablaze. The reason: it was exceptionally and unbelievably buggy.

People couldn’t believe that a major studio had put out a big release in such an unfinished state, and sure enough it was quickly pulled from sale until it could be updated. Those who had already bought it have been waiting patiently for a patch to fix the issues. So far, it hasn’t come ‒ or rather it did, but it didn’t stick around.

The lessons

There are two major lessons to be drawn from this. The first and undoubtedly the most obvious is not to put out software until it is finished and to make sure you have it thoroughly checked and tested for bugs. If it won’t work properly, it certainly won’t impress users, no matter how solid and well-thought-out the software is under all those bugs. Professional software testing services are best-placed to thoroughly clean up bug infestations in your code.

Everybody makes mistakes, however, and the second lesson is how to deal with these mistakes and manage relationships with customers. Gamers are annoyed that the promised patch is taking so long to come, of course, and their irritation is magnified by the fact that the developers have continued to produce downloadable content (DLC) for the less-buggy console versions. This gives many the impression that they aren’t putting as much effort as they should into fixing the broken PC release.

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