A cleaner workplace is a safer one

Every employee would wish for a clean workplace, but this means more than just wiping the surfaces and putting in an air freshener. A clean place of work also conveys a safer one for workers and visitors alike. Every year there are millions of cases of injury and illness reported by private employers, and many of these could be prevented by ensuring the workplace is clean, hygienic, and safe.

Here are some important reasons why a cleaner workplace is a safer one: 

Prevent slips, trips and falls

A clean, dry floor is vital for preventing falls and slips in the workplace. Different cleaners provide different benefits. Alkaline cleaners are suitable for food areas, while acidic cleaners are better used to remove rust and oxides. Some cleaning chemicals can be damaging to particular floors, so you must have a professional do the job for you.

It’s important to keep floors dry using absorbent flooring materials such as matting to remove wetness and dirt from the sole of people’s shoes. When you need Industrial Cleaning Services Cheltenham, visit intocleaning.co.uk/services/industrial-cleaning-services-gloucestershire/cheltenham

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Disinfectants help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses

Germs can spread quickly in the workplace, especially during peak flu season. There are so many shared surfaces, so it’s essential to disinfect surfaces with a hospital-grade disinfectant to stop germs truly.

Air Filtration

The hidden things can cause damage, such as vapours and dust in the atmosphere. These can be hazardous for employees, so proper ventilation is crucial to help reduce the risk of spreading airborne infections and protect the workforce’s health. HVAC systems need to be fitted and regularly cleaned to prevent a build-up of bacterial growth. Dehumidifying the atmosphere also helps to reduce pollutants and clean the air.

Keep lighting clean

Cleaning light fixtures are crucial for keeping light levels safe and acceptable so that staff can carry out their tasks effectively. Good lighting in stairways and corridors is also essential for preventing accidents and maintaining a safe workplace.

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Go Green

Not all cleaning products are made equal, and choosing one’s certified by environmental organisations is better. This ensures they are safe for use around people and the environment. It’s also essential to keep on top of waste disposal and recyclable material, keeping areas clutter-free. Leaving waste around not only becomes a trip hazard but could also encourage pest infestation. Following a strict method of separating waste and having clearly labelled recycling receptacles will help reduce the spread of germs and helps towards a more sustainable workplace. 

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