Youth Subcultures In Modern Society

Youth Subcultures In Modern Society

April 16, 2019 0 By MHossaiN
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Youth subcultures are always associated with something underground. In fact, there is nothing forbidden in them – they just are not like everyone else. This phenomenon is meant a group of people choosing behavior patterns, values ​​, and style, a language different from the majority. Teenage directions as soon as they call: “urban tribes”, “informal”, “clubs”, “parties”.

What kind of world do modern children go to? Our guidebook contains the most popular subcultures among teenagers of the 21st century. Acquainted with the characteristics of youth trends, parents will better understand the inner world of the child. The main thing that adults need to learn is that the adjoining of a maturing person to a subculture is not a crime.

Youth Subcultures In Modern Society

Anxiety is worth beating only when it replaces all other areas of life and has a negative impact on the psyche of a teenager. Modern subcultures that cultivate a depressive mood, suicidal tendencies and aggression towards others are especially dangerous.

It is important not to control every movement of a child, but to sincerely be interested in his attitude, to show friendliness, even if changes in appearance and behavior seem shocking. Then the period of strange clothes, crazy hairstyles, and defiant make-up will be much faster and more painless.

The main modern youth subcultures

Some psychologists divide youth directions into three types: absolutely safe, potentially dangerous and posing a heightened threat. In order to better navigate the degree of danger, our list begins with the most peaceful groups and ends with the most provocative.

Workers (street gymnasts, tourmen)

The name comes from the English “workout”, which means training. These positive guys are adherents of a healthy lifestyle. Their main goal – a beautiful pumped body, gaining strength and endurance.

Youth Subcultures In Modern Society
Pastime workout implies active sports training. They are engaged not in fitness clubs, but in the open air. They can be found on the courtyards, equipped with simulators, horizontal bars, and bars. They usually find exercise complexes on the Internet, preferring not to spend money on the services of a fitness trainer. In workout, priority is given to healthy eating, quitting smoking and drinking alcohol.

What do they look like?

Modern workouts prefer a sporty style, choosing clothes of famous brands. Sport-style helps them to emphasize the beauty of their bodies and express their social views.


The word “hipster” (from English “to be hip” – “to be in the subject”) was originally called the movement of jazz lovers. Modern hipsters – intellectual, wealthy youth, following the progressive trends of modern society.

Hipsters do not represent life without advanced gadgets and devices, mainly Apple. They get profiles in all popular social networks (Instagram, Twitter), keep personal blogs. The list of interests of these advanced guys is very extensive. It includes alternative music, avant-garde art, and art-house cinema.

Youth Subcultures In Modern Society

Distinctive features

Recognizing a hipster is not easy: it has something of emo, hippies, and punks. Welcome long hair, beard in guys, colored glasses with a thick rim, hats. Vintage clothes are in favor: skinny jeans, plaid shirts, cowboy boots, bright sneakers, cool T-shirts with slogans, voluminous scarves.


Vanilla girls – a new interpretation of the image of Turgenev girls. Fragile romantic persons dreaming of book love and a beautiful prince. The main idea of ​​the subculture is femininity in all its aspects. It is believed that this movement was a protest against the vulgarity and masculinity of modern girls.

The specifically feminine adolescent direction was born in the early 2000s. The name is explained in two ways: the love of clothes of vanilla tones or the association with the cult film Vanilla Sky. Any subculture is, in one way or another, a rebellion against the traditional morality of society. In vanilla, it manifests itself in self-care, detachment, depression, hidden tragedy.

Youth Subcultures In Modern Society


In the image, there is a gentle, romantic style. Vanilla girls love airy clothes of pastel colors, lace, heels, T-shirts with the words “I love NY”, prints with the British flag, knitted hats, ugg boots.

Features that help learn vanilla: camera; fashion magazines; cakes, cotton candy; an inaccurate bunch of hair; light makeup; fashionable big glasses.

Korean wave (Hallyu)

One of the most modern subcultures originated in South Korea and found fertile ground in Russia. It consists of fans of Korean music groups (K-POP). The name “Korean wave” comes from China, on which it surged long before us. Today, Hull is pushing the subculture of animeshniki (otaku) – fans of Japanese anime animation and manga comics

What is the secret of such incredible popularity of Korean groups all over the world? Firstly, their fairly mass composition: from 5 to 10 people. There are complex relationships between team members, which you can follow as a TV show. Among the fans of K-POP prized posters with the image of idols. The Korean Wave also includes a passion for cooking, video games, movies and the language of South Korea.

Youth Subcultures In Modern Society

How to find out?

Ideal appearance for fans of the subculture is expressed by the concept of “Olzhan”, which translates as “beautiful face”. So-called people with huge eyes, small nose, and lips. Puppet proportions of the face are achieved, as a rule, thanks to plastic surgery and photoshop.


The name “Goth” comes from the English “gothic”, which means “barbaric, rude.” It is not known who Gleb Samoilov meant when he sang: “I paint my lips with shoe polish, I adore black,” but his words aptly describe the portrait of a modern goth. Unlike previous peace-loving areas, the subculture is not as safe. She preaches destructive tendencies for the human psyche: black magic, gloomy pessimism, romantic perception of death are in honor.

The cultivation and aestheticization of death do not mean that the Goths strive for it. Most fans of this gloomy subculture love life, like all normal people, and dark images – just shocking.

Youth Subcultures In Modern Society


The image of the Goth is well recognized: this subculture has developed a rather complex gothic fashion, the main thing in which is black color in combination with silver jewelry. Silver for ready – the symbol of the moon, patronizing otherworldly forces. The canonical image is this: a young man in black clothes, with dark hair and lips contrasting with a painfully white face. Iroquois may be present, often in acidic shades or partially shaved hair.


Another marginal teenage subculture has some similarities with the Goths. The same black color, the same idealization of death, the eternal theme of suicide. But there are differences. Emo is translated as emotional, the main painful point of this direction – excessive vulnerability, sensitivity, depression, withdrawal from the aggression of the modern world. They are fenced off from others even externally, hiding his face behind long beveled bangs.

Youth Subcultures In Modern Society

What do they look like?

The appearance of emo kids is quite remarkable. Color of clothes, hair, and manicure – a mixture of black and pink shades. Of the jewelry – numerous piercings. The hands are decorated with bracelets of colorful beads. Favorite shoes – sneakers, massive boots, grinders. Some girls wear funny, children’s hairstyles with ponytails and bright hairpins. Both girls and boys paint their lips with bright lipstick, powder their face to give it a vivid look. Eyes thickly summed up dark shadows and liner.

Favorite clothes: skinny jeans with patches, T-shirt with children’s prints or the image of your favorite group. Often go to the headphones, listening to modern music in the style of emo.


Fans of this youth subculture see the meaning of life in a computer game. But the modern gamer is not just a schoolboy, enthusiastically chasing typewriters or shooting from a tank. This is a whole world with its own slang, in which championships are organized with millions of prize pools. Jargon gamers, perhaps the richest among all modern subcultures. Many words have become familiar to Internet users, for example, “cosplay”, “bug” or “account”.

According to the degree of enthusiasm, gamers are divided into “lightweight”, “advanced”, “enthusiastic”, “hardcore”, “cyber sportsmen” who earn money from participating in tournaments. The rest prefer to beg for money from their parents to buy another console, pump a new toy. If a gamer becomes “enthusiastic”, then he increasingly begins to plunge into virtual reality. Moms, studying at the school fade into the background. The danger of the subculture is related to the fact that it causes gambling addiction, which is rather difficult to get rid of.

Youth Subcultures In Modern Society


Gamers care little about appearance, so they can dress untidy. For fashion are calm. Prefer t-shirts with heroes of popular games.


Subculture was formed in the 60s in America and has many interpretations. The freaks express themselves through art, the object of which is their own body. From English freak translates as “freak, eccentric.” In the past, people with mental or physical disabilities were called freaks. A modern freak is an extravagant person with a shocking behavior or appearance. He completely abandons the moral foundations of society and generally accepted behavioral stereotypes.

Youth Subcultures In Modern Society

Typical image

The appearance of freaks is shocking. Characteristic signs: eerie tattoos, piercing on the face and all over the body, huge punctures in the ears. Special fans resort to body modification: they cut the tongue, make scars, implant various objects under the skin, and change the color of the iris of the eye. They emphasize their extreme beauty with provocative hairstyles (Iroquois, dreadlocks), emphasizing robes. Along with football fans, freaks are among the most dangerous youth subcultures.