Wardrobe Under The Stairs With Their Own Hands
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Wardrobe Under The Stairs With Their Own Hands

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A compact or overall cabinet under the stairs is the best solution for maximizing the benefits of every meter in a private home. After all, nothing can optimize the internal area, as these roomy multi-tiered structures. In addition to their functionality, they noticeably ennoble the interior, creating a feeling of comfort and a kind of completeness.

Wardrobe Under The Stairs With Their Own Hands

All the secrets and nuances of creating the most spectacular and interesting design.

In the photo, you can see that such installations under the stairs may not differ complex design features, but they always look harmonious. Therefore, even a person who does not have any knowledge in the design or assembly of furniture can make a closet in a private house.

Moreover, to do what you want with your own hands, you do not need to be able to use carpentry tools! After all, you can learn how to make a closet in a private house by reviewing the most interesting design options and reading the simplified instructions for creating these simple structures under the stairs.

Wardrobe Under The Stairs With Their Own Hands

To make a closet under the stairs with your own hands, you need:

  • Choose its design and size. It is important to take into account both the style of the room itself and the dimensions of the staircase – the width, height, and depth of the cabinet will depend on its height and angle.
  • Finish the finishing work on the wall under the stairs. It is desirable that the surface is resistant to moisture and mechanical pressure, and could also withstand the intended load.
  • Clearly consider the location of all demarcation bars (fixing and dividing the cabinet into cells).
  • To select the material from which the shelves and drawers will be made, and in case of using vertical partitions – to prepare drywall. Those wishing to make a construction with their own hands will be helpful to know that in most hardware stores you can cut the purchased material by ready-made measurements, which allows you to avoid having to take a saw in your hand.
  • Choose a finish for the outer part of the structure. It is important that its color, style, and texture are in harmony with the design of the room.

When creating a structure, you can bring to life absolutely any idea: decorate with unusual elements, install an aquarium in it. And in the presence of the slightest design skills – even to design the location of the shelves in a chaotic manner.

Wardrobe Under The Stairs With Their Own Hands

Step-by-step instruction

After taking into account all the features of the future installation, you can proceed to installation. It usually takes much less time than all the preparatory manipulations on the design and selection of building materials.

To install the cabinet with your own hands, you should:

  • Prevent damage to the floor under the stairs by placing any protective material on it.
  • To make a marking and to establish differentiating bars by their fastening by means of metal corners.
  • If necessary, install all the moving elements (for the version with drawers).
  • Place the shelves and partitions and fix them with screws.
  • Install hinged or sliding doors.

When choosing building materials it is important that all of them are of the highest quality and reliability. Due to insufficiently strong canopies and other metal mechanisms, the structure will have to be regularly repaired. And too flexible horizontal shelves can simply not withstand the load created by the things stored on them, and quickly become unusable.

Interesting design ideas with photos

The design with hinged doors is considered the most popular and easiest to install. But to install it, an appropriate area is needed: the doors must open freely, without discomfort and without catching other pieces of furniture and decor. To make such a closet, you only need to delimit the space inside and pick up beautiful doors.

Wardrobe Under The Stairs With Their Own Hands

More difficult to implement is the option with sliding doors. They will not embarrass the inhabitants of a private house with a lack of space. After all, in order to look inside, you just need to move the door to the side! At the same time, the sliding wardrobe can contain both dimensional outerwear, and small things.

Wardrobe Under The Stairs With Their Own Hands

For exterior decoration, you can choose any matte or glossy surfaces that match the interior of the room. Mirrors or unusual and spectacular lighting will help to make the design of the cabinet not only modern but also functional.

Wardrobe Under The Stairs With Their Own Hands

With a lack of space, you can choose a less roomy option – open cells. With a well-formed design, they noticeably transform the interior of the room in which the staircase is installed. In the cells, you can install small decorative elements or store things used in everyday life.

Wardrobe Under The Stairs With Their Own Hands

Another option for small rooms is a wardrobe with drawers. Despite the apparent compactness, it is able to accommodate an impressive part of things. You can evaluate the functionality of such constructions by looking at the photo.

Wardrobe Under The Stairs With Their Own Hands

In addition, drawers will be the only acceptable solution in the case when the smallest staircase is installed in a private house. Even with a maximum angle of inclination and small steps you can make a compact, but quite deep construction.

Wardrobe Under The Stairs With Their Own Hands

Regardless of which of the rooms in the private house has a staircase, the cupboard under it should correspond to the general style of the surrounding space. Only, in this case, it will look appropriate and harmonious. Therefore, when designing such installations, you must, first of all, take into account the features of the existing interior.

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