Modern Ideas For The Design Of Bathrooms In 2018
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Modern Ideas For The Design Of Bathrooms In 2018

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From the interior of the dwelling depends on both the comfort of living people and the perception of the house by guests. A modern design of the bathroom in combination with the functionality can impress even the most sophisticated visitors.

Fashion trends in the design of the home are in quiet and relaxed motives. Because of this, the Scandinavian style and loft became popular in the design environment.

Despite the differences in these areas, there is much in common between them:

  • Calm and balanced color scheme;
  • The use of natural materials and textures;
  • Smooth and concise outlines;
  • Stand out items and accessories;
  • Maximum comfort and convenience.

For the Scandinavian interior features of a country house are characteristic. This style is dominated by weak pastel shades and natural textures. Materials, mostly natural – wood, cotton and linen, concrete and natural stone, copper, and brass, as well as ceramics.

Modern Ideas For The Design Of Bathrooms In 2018

Modern Ideas For The Design Of Bathrooms In 2018

The loft is more strict, but it respects the general idea of laconism and comfort. This style appeared in the middle of the last century in the United States. Enterprising young people turned non-residential premises into comfortable mansions. For the direction is characterized by a weak color diversity. Dark muted colors are more common. The loft is more suitable for rooms with a large area and wide windows. Minimalism and severity of lines create a comfortable space and leave a sense of spaciousness.

Fashionable colors in the design of bathrooms in 2018

In any house, there are rooms that all residents visit. Therefore, they should be as well decorated, and as practical as possible. It is quite easy to do this. Start planning a bathroom is worth choosing a color scheme. It is from her will depend on the whole atmosphere.

In the coming year, the novelties of the interiors of the bathrooms will have the following colors:

  • Snow white scale. Classic light bathrooms will never go out of style. White color allows you to profitably beat any space and create a feeling of freshness, cleanliness, and comfort. In this design, white is the main color both for a stylish headset and for plumbing. Faience baths, sinks and toilets perfectly fit into such rooms. But for dilution and contrast, you can add and texture elements: decorative stone, decoration for brickwork and accessories from colored ceramics. In addition, bright can be shower walls or ceiling elements. In this bathroom design, as in the photo, it’s easy to realize different modern ideas of 2018.

Modern Ideas For The Design Of Bathrooms In 2018

  • Many shades of gray. This color is undeservedly considered to be faded. In skilled hands, gray can create a strict and noble interior. And with different texture variations and contrasting colors, such shades will look bulky. Space, in this case, can be profitable zoning and playing the right way. In the interior of the bathroom with such a design, such novelties as mirrors with led-illumination will look especially good.

Modern Ideas For The Design Of Bathrooms In 2018

  • Natural motifs. In the trend of interior decoration of bathrooms in 2018 natural colors perfectly fit. Shades of stone, concrete, green and beige, elements with wooden texture and accessories in the form of pot plants or decorative aquariums will harmoniously fit into the design of the whole house.

Modern Ideas For The Design Of Bathrooms In 2018

  • Bright accents. For fans of juicy shades in the coming year, too, there is a way out. Even in the calm interiors of the bathroom, there is a place for new products 2017-2018. The focus elements will always be relevant. Supports for toothbrushes, hangers, and other accessories can be the color of a juicy apple, turquoise, wine or terracotta. But with such details do not overdo it. They should create a harmonious composition, but the basic colors still should be left calm. Otherwise, this design will quickly tire.

Modern Ideas For The Design Of Bathrooms In 2018

Thus, in the design of modern bathrooms, examples of which you can see in the photo, there is room for any of your ideas. Such trends will last for a long time because the design of such premises has always been restrained and calm, but with some changeable notes.

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